Planning Your Landscape

What to Look for in Planning Your Landscape

Your landscape should fit into your lifestyle. Knowing how you want to use it will help you determine how to divide it into separate areas that allow you to achieve multiple goals. For example, one area might be used for entertaining and relaxation. Another might provide a play area for the kids. Other areas might provide areas for vegetable and flower gardens or perhaps storage. Privacy areas could be created where there is none.

Add Value

Your home or office building represents a substantial investment. Landscaping adds value to the investment. Good impressions and curb appeal add an immeasurable value if you put your building or home on the market. Although they may not be consciously aware of it, the connection between building and yard is immediately made by a prospective buyer. An attractive landscape tells the possible buyer that the building has been loved and well kept. Adding landscaping that hides flaws and highlights its architectural features can charm an otherwise uninterested buyer.

Many people do not realize that a well planned landscape can save them both time and money. Planning with the “total environment” in mind will let you implement it without sacrificing the harmony of your design. Choosing a design that considers all the options allows you to choose what is best and lets you have it built “right the first time.”

Some Design Secrets You Should Know

Good landscaping is more than just an effort to save money or add value to your property. Taking a practical approach means that you create “zones” that are functional while taking advantage of the natural elements of architecture and land area. It can be an expression of your own personality in utilizing the configurations of the land to allow smooth flowing transitions between areas that coordinate all the elements of materials, contours, and plantings that express your style.

In many ways, designing your outdoor space is similar to designing the interior of your home or commercial building. It is the creation of “living” spaces with natural or constructed ceilings, walls and floors each expressing your own personal tastes. So, go ahead, use your imagination and create the outdoor environment you have always dreamed of.

Why Choose Image Landscape Development to Design and Build Your Landscape?

Our 30+ years of experience in the “green industry” has proven our ability to deliver on our promises to astute clients who recognize the value of professionally designed and installed landscapes over simply getting a low price.

Our honest, proficient, conscientious and experienced crews will earn your trust and respect from the time they arrive on the job until the installation is completed. You will readily distinguish the quality of our design and installation which sets us apart in the industry. In short, we know what we are doing and will give you the advantage of that knowledge.

While price is always a consideration, we look for discerning clients who can recognize value in the cost. You can rely on us whether you are a general contractor or discriminating homeowner.

Our Promise


We promise to put you first in everything we do. During business hours, our office staff is available to address any concerns you may have and when appropriate get you in contact with the project manager. After hours, our emergency voice mail system assures you of an immediate “next day” response.


We promise to use our full resources to provide the service you require.


We promise to use our “team” approach to assuring that our work on your behalf is coordinated and responsive to your needs. You are an important part of the team!

Project Satisfaction

We promise to complete all projects to our clients’ satisfaction. After all we have been doing this for 30+ years and we pride ourselves in presenting you with a beautiful, thoroughly complete, living and growing landscape. We know that our clients demand the highest quality and prompt delivery at a good price. Check our list of satisfied customers, and we know you will choose Image Landscape Development. As our slogan says: “Our image grows with your satisfaction.”


Our standard guarantee on all workmanship, plants and materials is 12 months unless otherwise specified on our contract. Please see contract for details.